Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon, Run to Stop MS 2014

Run to Stop MS

Event Manager Name:
Susan Cook
Email: susan.cook@nmss.org
For more information call:  412.261.6347

Coach: Ellen Stewart,  Ellen.Stewart@nmss.org

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Event Information:

Run to Stop MS is an initiative that gives athletes participating in a running event (marathon, half marathon, or other event) an opportunity to support people living with MS. Runners register for an event and the Run to Stop MS campaign. Receive fundraising and training tips, along with other participant benefits!

Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon - FREE REGISTRATION with a commitment to a Fundraising Minimum. 

  • Full Marathon $550
  • Half Marathon $550
  • 5K $150
  • Kids Marathon $50
  • Relay $1,000 (2-5 members)

There is a fundraising requirement for this event! Please be sure you plan to participate, because when you register, you will have a financial commitment to the National MS Society.

Fundraising Minimums: MUST be met by May 16, 2014. Registration Deadline: is March 28, 2014.

Commitment Date: As of March 21, 2014 you are committed to the fundraising minimum. You will be asked to complete a Promise to Pay when registering and we will either charge the remaining fundraising balance, or if its met before May 16th (our fundraising deadline), we will destroy the card credit information.

Cancellation Policy: As a Charity Partner of the Dick's Sports Good Pittsburgh Marathon, the National MS Society pays a non-refundable administrative fee for each registered runner. Therefore, even if you are unable to participate, we are obliged to charge you the same processing fee, from the day you register through the March 21st commitment date. Following our Commitment Date, you will be responsible for the full fundraising minimum.

Processing Fee:    
Full Marathon = $100
Half Marathon = $  90
Relay = $295
5K = $  35
Kids = $  15

Already Registered: If you are already registered with the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon and want to run on our behalf, you must first contact Hannah Spear at 412-261-6347 for details. You MUST then register with the National MS Society through this site AND raise the fundraising minimum.

Event Details & Regulations: ALL event details, age requirements, etc, are provided on the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon website. Please visit: http://www.pittsburghmarathon.com/

The National MS Society will guarantee the runner’s bib number ONLY when they reach their fundraising minimum.  

Registration for Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon, Run to Stop MS is FREE.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! We need a team of 10-15 volunteers to help at a designated exchange/water stop. Please register today!

 Run to Stop MS

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Event Progress


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224 percent of goal achieved.

Top Fundraisers

Full Marathon

  1. Mike Stevens - $3,872.40
  2. Katie McCarthy - $3,460.00
  3. Lisa Rain - $2,135.00
  4. Ed Plucinski - $2,065.00
  5. Nate Pozniak - $1,990.00

Half Marathon

  1. Matthew Fincher - $2,185.00
  2. Jenna Lo Castro - $2,050.00
  3. Brett Ferlic - $1,235.00
  4. Tara Krofcheck - $1,190.00
  5. David Weiland - $1,045.00

5K Participate

  1. Jennifer Adams-Haduch - $570.00
  2. Katie Alexander - $150.00
  3. Jennifer Schindler - $150.00
  4. Deborah Scotto - $125.00
  5. Sandra Fowler - $25.00

Relay Participate

  1. Kristen Cunic - $2,050.00
  2. Jackie Mazzotta - $1,830.00
  3. Karen Bender - $1,515.00
  4. Danielle Hoffman - $1,050.00
  5. Erin Porter - $975.00

Kids Marathon

  1. Zachary Boni - $50.00